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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Foto Model Indonesia

These are some Foto Model Indonesia a very beautiful, hot and sexy. Indonesia has many Indonesian Women and Hot Indonesian Girl. Some celebrities also do work as a model, but there are some models and celebrities also became a singer and movie player. Post Foto Model Indonesia this time is to show, photo model, commercials, and Indonesian actress, so this sexy photographs referred to as Hot Models Photos

Roro Fitria (born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, December 29, 1987, age 25 years) is an Indonesian actress. He first played in major films such as Islam KTP when she was cast as Mpok Tati. Roro Fitria now become models such as FHM Magazine Adult and Popular (Majalah FHM dan Majalah Popular). Foto Model Majalah FHM Indonesia become known for having a pretty face and exotic, so Roro Fitria also also become Model Majalah Popular Indonesia. Today he is better known as 'neng geulis' Jaipongan sexy dancer in the show on Sedap Malam RCTI.

Roro Fitria FHM Model Indonesia
Foto Roro Fitria

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Roro Fitria FHM Model
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